The Team

Daniella Hirschfeld, PhD

Daniella’s expertise is in spatial planning for long-term climate change impacts. Her research focuses on projecting the costs of adaptation options, unpacking the implications of science-practice interactions, and understanding the adaptive capacity of governance systems. She is particularly interested in weaving together the connected disciplines of urban ecology and environmental planning to build bridge between theory and planning practice.

Daniella received her PhD in Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning from University of California, Berkeley. Her PhD was funded by the McQuown Fellowship at UC Berkeley and by the State of California’s Ocean Protection Council. Daniella received her bachelor's degree in psychology and philosophy at Dartmouth College and her master’s degree in environmental management from Duke University's Nicholas School of the Environment. Daniella also has professional experience in coastal zone management, sustainability planning and urban planning.

Graduate Students (current):

Forest Cook - PhD, Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning

Amy Guenther - B+MLA, Landscape Architecture

Conner Smith - MS, Environmental Planning

Julie Coleman - MLA, Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning

Tayli Hillyard - MS, Environmental Planning

Saul Karamesines - MS, Environmental Planning

Former Graduate Students and Advisees

Ray Boyle - MCP, Environmental Planning, 2021 at UC Berkeley

Landis Wenger - MS, Environmental Planning, 2021

Managing Summer Camps: A Study of Culture and Practices at Environmentally Conscious Camps” 2022 American Camp Association Research Forum. Portland, OR. February 2022

Amanda Hamilton - MLA, Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning. (2020 - Present)

LUH and USU: Landscape Resilience Cache Valley,”

International Geodesign Collaboration 2021. Virtually. May 2021

Other Previous Advisees

Devin Macfarlane - MLA, Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning, 2022. Design associate at Koontz Jones Design

Anal Al-Tamini - MLA, Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning, 2020. Landscape architect at SKS Studio

Erin Mann - MS, Environmental Planning, 2020

Henrik Panosyan - MS, Climate Science, 2020