Utah State University

Instructor - Graduate Student Classes:

LAEP 6110: Landscape Ecology for Planning [Syllabi: Fall 2019, Fall 2020, Fall 2021]

  • Spatial methods class

LAEP 6210: Bioregional Management [Syllabus: Spring 2020]

  • Studio class

LAEP 6100: Regional Landscape Analysis and Planning [Syllabi: Spring 2021, Spring 2022]

  • Studio class

Instructor - Undergraduate Student Classes:

LAEP 1030: Introduction to Landscape Architecture [Syllabus: Fall 2021]

LAEP 1040: Introduction to Environmental Planning and Sustainable Development [Syllabus: Fall 2022]

Instructor - Travel Class:

LAEP 4350: Travel Class - Sustainable Planning in Israel [Syllabus: Summer 2022]

Exemplary Student Work

University of California, Berkeley


LA 12: Environmental Science for Sustainable Development [Fall 2017 Syllabus]

  • Course designed by Professor Matt Kondolf

Graduate student instructor

ED 4C: Future Ecologies: Urban Design, Climate Adaptation, and Thermodynamics

LA 12: Environmental Science for Sustainable Development

Guest Lectures

"Risk in Coastal Environments: Translating Climate Science into Action" Utah State University (Fall 2022)

"Measuring Sustainability in US Cities," Utah State University (Fall 2019)

"Evaluating Sustainability at the City Scale," University of California, Berkeley (Fall 2018)

“Sustainable US Cities,” University of Oregon, Eugene, OR (Fall 2013, Fall 2012)

“Integrating Resilience and Sustainability Planning,” Lesley College, Boston, MA (Spring 2011)

“Vulnerability Assessments: Processes and Uses in US Cities and the National Assessment,” Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston, MA (Spring 2011)